Meet Us

Dr Ivy Mai - Dentist
Dr Gavin Yang - Dentist
Gavin graduated from La Trobe University with a Bachelor of Health Sciences in Dentistry and a Masters of Dentistry. Ever since university, Gavin has had a profound interest towards orthodontics. After completing many courses and seminars, Gavin is now a strong believer of interceptive orthodontics and the early treatment of malocclusion in children. He is particularly involved with the Myobrace Systemô and has already given talks in seminars and lectures regarding the use of the system. Outside of dentistry, what Gavin loves the most, is a good laugh. He loves attending comedy shows and practising his own repertoire of jokes on patients. He is still yet to get an invitation by the Melbourne Comedy festival to perform a live show. If he is not laughing, Gavin can be found feverishly supporting his beloved AFL team, the Kangaroos, or watching Arsenal beat other teams in the English Premier League.
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Michaela Vachalova - Dental Therapist and Hygienist
She graduated as an Oral Health Therapist at the University of Sydney last year and has been very pleased to join Dr. Frank Huang's lovely team. Michaela is very passionate about oral health and finds her job very rewarding. There is nothing more satisfying than seeing a happy client at the end the treatment. Having had some negative experience from the dental environment herself when she was a child, she takes an extra effort to treat children to avoid developing any dental phobias and is trying carefully to look after the adult patients to ease any anxiety. In her spare time she enjoys swimming and fitness, cooking and some lovely wine to compliment the dish. She is a great fan of rugby."
Dr Arlene Yang - Dentist
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