Our Technologies

3D Imaging
Operating microscope. Early detection, better diagnosis, highest quality of care. "You can only treat what you can see."
Ultrasonic bone cutting - Provides safer surgery and better healing. Ultrasonic piezo perio treatment provides better gum treatment
We use digital x-ray imaging systems and digital x-ray machines to reduce x-ray dose
Stage 1: Manual Scrubbing
Stage 2: Ultrasonic Cleaning
Stage 3: Vacuum Autoclave
Every instrument must pass our strict 3-stage sterilization method. Instruments are packed in sterilized bags with tracking number. We will open the bags in front of you. Our sterilization is traceable.
We have many high tech gadgets to help us to diagnose you better, thus provide better and accurate treatment.
ZOOM Bleaching
One Day Crown Bridge
Air Abrasion