Master Dental Dee Why is Dee Why dentist who provide northern beaches braces and north shore braces. We are proud to provide high quality orthodontic work in northern beaches, north shore, inner west and western suburbs of Sydney. We are specially orthodontically trained orthodontist dentists.

Dental implants? Dental implant. Dental implant costs - dental implant.

dental implants, Dental implants, Dental Implant cost
we do braces for adults and children as well as dental implants
Dental Implants, Dental Implant, Dental Implant costs
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implant costs, Dental implant, Dental implants
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We have the most ADVANCED CEREC MACHINE, this will make porcelain crown and bridge for you at the same appointment. We are one of the best dentists in the area of implantology and regenerative dentistry. We use CGF (concentrated Growth Factors) to assist bone and soft tissue regeneration in cases with severe bony deficiency. Dr Frank Huang has immense passion in dentistry. He stays on the cutting edge of regenerative dentistry.
3D CBCT Cone Beam CT machine is available at our Dee Why Surgery. This will enable us to provide you with faster and more accurate diagnosis for any dental abnormalities. This will make dental implant treatment planning more accurate.
We also offer surgery under IV sedation or sleep dentistry, patients can be under a very relaxed and calm state for procedures ranging from fillings to dental implants. Seniors may be eligible for special prices / costs.

What is a dental implant?

Reasonable Dental implant costs.

What are dental implants made of?

Any dental implant complication?

Am I suitable for dental implants?

Any other option apart from dental implant?

linkedin.jpg we specialize on Implant Braces CEREC cosmetic dentistry with extreme high level of infection control
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We Are Special
Master Dental dentist has been servicing Dee Why - Northern Beaches and Auburn - Inner West suburbs since 2001. We utilize the most advanced dental equipment and up-to-date dental knowledge to service you.
Master Dental provides best gentle high quality dentistry at reasonable affordable prices. We provide treatments from simple fillings, to cosmetic dental make-over to complex implant surgery. We also cater for disabled and handicapped people.
Answers to a few commonly asked questions. If there are questions that you would like to know, please feel free to email us and we will post them here.
Come and visit us. Ask our Dee Why dentist or Auburn dentist. We will provide you with unbiased treatment options and provide answers to commonly asked questions.
We will endeavor to provide you with gentle dental care that's possible.
We will try to aim for perfection.
We will try our ultimate best to make sure that you are comfortable during your dental visit.
Our Dee Why dentists and Auburn dentists will make sure you are being looked after. We have the skill, know-how, tools and equipment to provide you with the best dental treatment.

We have a dental chair that is specially designed for wheel chair access, handicapped people and disabled elderlies.
Our Technology
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Our Technology
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We provide FULL ORTHODONTIC services (normal braces, and Invisalign) at a competitive fee. We can do TAD (Temporary Anchorage Device / mini implant / orthodontic skeletal anchorage/ bone plate) to assist orthodontic teeth movement. We also provide corticotomy, and CAE (corticotomy assisted expansion) to assist narrow palatal arches. This is advanced orthodontics. We are fully equipped in providing braces / orthodontics for northern beaches / braces for north shore, braces for inner west, western suburbs. Customers from other area are also welcome.

Our Dee Why dentist and Auburn dentist will provide you the entire dental implant treatment from implant fixture insertion to implant crown placement.

We will handle everything from the beginning to the end; from surgical to prosthetic.

Our dental implant specialist dentist is specially trained in Sydney, ASID accredited, and belongs to many implant societies, associations.

Come and visit us. Our cost is in accordance with ADA Guideline.

For our dental implants, we only use three best brands. We are one of the most equipped dental clinics in Sydney. 

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